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Short Term Courses

The Institute has been organizing a variety of short-term courses, workshops, seminars and training programs on various themes related to communication and media.

We run regular short-term realistic programs for individuals from different echelons of the society. NSI Finishing School also conducts a large number of specialized short-term courses, ranging from one Month capsule courses to six Months intensive courses duration to meet the professional training needs of youth, educators, entrepreneurs, professionals and corporate and those who are educated unemployed seeking career opportunities.

The specialized short-term courses are organized with a view to contribute better understanding of different issues pertaining to the booming Service Industry in the context of Global scenario. The main objective of such courses are to make individuals from different fields aware of emerging trends and techniques and sharpen their modular skills through international best practices.

To prepare the candidate for international market we also provide IELTS training and Pre-Departure Orientation including foreign language knowledge. Following are the trades in which we provide short term courses:

Aviation Industry

India's civil aviation industry is on a high-growth trajectory.India aims to become the third-largest aviation market by 2020 and the largest by 2030.The Civil Aviation industry has ushered in a new era of expansion, driven by factors such as low-cost carriers (LCCs), modern airports, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in domestic airlines, advanced information technology (IT) interventions and growing emphasis on regional connectivity. For this Industry we offer the following courses:

Media-Entertainment Industry

The Indian Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry is a sunrise sector for the economy and is making high growth strides. Proving its resilience to the world, the Indian M&E industry is on the cusp of a strong phase of growth, backed by rising consumer demand and improving advertising revenues. The industry has been largely driven by increasing digitisation and higher internet usage over the last decade. Internet has almost become a mainstream media for entertainment for most of the people. For this Industry we offer the following courses:

IT and ITeS Industry

Information technology in India is an industry consisting of two major components: IT services and business process outsourcing (BPO). The sector has increased its contribution to India's GDP from 1.2% in 1998 to 7.7% in 2017. According to NASSCOM, the sector aggregated revenues of US$160 billion in 2017, with export revenue standing at US$99 billion and domestic revenue at US$48 billion, growing by over 13%. The United States accounts for two-thirds of India's IT services exports. For this Industry we offer the following courses:

Protection Services Courses

Private security agencies offer a wide range of services – from providing protection to top businessmen, industrialists and celebrities, to accompanying consignments containing cash (from a bank head-office to a branch, or for replenishing ATMs) monitoring the movement of visitors at shopping malls, construction sites and other places. The industry has been growing at a rapid pace, clocking a compound average growth rate (CAGR) of 25 per cent. Key drivers for growth include increasing urbanisation and rapid economic development and consequent asset creation. Still at a nascent stage, the Indian private security industry is setting a scorching pace in a bid to match up to global standards. For this Industry we offer the following courses:


Pre-Departure including IELTS Training- Pre-departure orientation sessions are for the youth are aspiring to go abroad in which valuable information is exchanged during these sessions. Topics may include information on culture shock, IELTS coaching, foreign Language, health and travel insurance, medical and money matters, plane ticket, and visas among others.